RC13 - Democratization in Comparative Perspective


Adam Szymański, University of Warsaw
ad_szym@poczta.onet.pl / ar.szymanski@uw.edu.pl



Dr. Mithila Bagai, University of Delhi

Department of Political Science
University of Delhi
Guru Tegh Bahadur Rd
Delhi 110007

Prof. Renata Mienkowska-Norkiene, University of Warsaw

Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
University of Warsaw
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
Warsaw 00-297

Board Members

Since 2018:

Rana Abo Amra, Cairo University, Egypt, rana_aboamra@yahoo.com

Renata Mieńkowska-Norkienė, University of Warsaw, Poland, r.mienkowska@uw.edu.pl

Agnieszka Bejma, University of Warsaw, Poland, a.bejma@uw.edu.pl

Davor Boban, University of Zagreb, Croatia, dboban@fpzg.hr

Since 2021:

Ana Lucia Henrique, Chamber of Deputies, Brazil, analuhenrique@gmail.com

Edgar Javier Flores Tiravanti, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, edgarjflorestiravanti@yahoo.com.ar

Martin Mendoza-Botelho, Eastern Connecticut State University, US, mendozabotelhom@easternct.edu

Since 2023:

Prof. Irmina Matonyte, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Lithuania, irmina.matonyte@lka.lt

Dr. Smriti Singh, University of Delhi, India, smriti106jnu@gmail.com

Prof. Łukasz Zamęcki, University of Warsaw, Poland, lzamecki@uw.edu.pl



Recognised as study group in 1989; granted research committee status in 1994.




Deals with the basic conditions of democracy, but also the more specific aspects of the recent “wave”, in a systematic comparative manner. The present focus in on the historical and cultural particularities of this process in the major regions of the world (ie Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, thus far). Further work will concentrate on the theoretical implications of these processes and the risks and chances for a further consolidation and deepening of democracy in all parts of the world.