Awards - The IPSA Guillermo O'Donnell Award for Latin American Scholars

The IPSA Guillermo O'Donnell Award for Latin-American Scholars is meant to reward a a Latin American scholar with residence in the region who is working on pioneering and innovative research in Political Science. The award recipient is to attend the upcoming IPSA World Congress and present a lecture to receive the monetary prize. Remote participation may be possible only in the event that a virtual component (virtual or hybrid) is available for the Congress in question. The award will be awarded for the first time at the 2023 World Congress in Buenos Aires.

Prize: US$3,000 (1 recipient)

Application Procedures

The following are the criteria for the award:

a. Academic/Education Criteria:

  1. Early career scholars: the recipient must have completed his or her PhD within the last seven (7) years; 
  2. No age requirement.

b. Demographic/Geographic Eligibility:

  1. The recipient must be a Latin American scholar with residence in the region;
  2. The recipient must have resided in this region for a minimum of 5 consecutive years;
  3. The following are considered as part of Latin America:
    - All countries in South America, including Brazil;
    - All countries in Central America and the Caribbean, including Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Submitting Applications

The application form will be available in the fall 2022.

Application deadline: 1 March 2023

Applicants for the award are expected to submit the following supporting documents (in PDF format only) in order to complete the application.

  1. a curriculum vitae,
  2. a statement of the nature of the research project and an explanation as to why this work is innovative;
  3. a letter of reference from an academic familiar with the applicant’s work certifying his or her academic status and indicating his or her suitability for the award;
  4. a representative sample of written work whose length should not be greater than a scientific journal article;
  5. a letter confirming institutional affiliation as proof of residence in the Latin American region.

The IPSA Committee on Organization, Procedures and Awards (COPA) will assess candidates’ written work.