Award for Concept Analysis in Political Science (RC01)

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The IPSA Research Committee 01 - Concepts and Methods (C&M) invites submissions to its 2015 Award for Concept Analysis in Political Science.

The award is given every three years. It is co-sponsored by C&M and the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico City.

In 2015, the IV C&M Award will be given to a published scholarly work between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2014. Any category of formal publication may be submitted, whether book, book chapter, or journal article. Only English language publications are considered.

The notion of “concept analysis” is to be understood broadly. It is intended to cover concept analysis, concept formation, and conceptual innovation as well as the fields of operationalization, measurement, and data collection.

For more information on the award, visit the RC01 Committee on Concepts and Methods (C&M) Website.



The 2015 Award Jury will be formed by chairperson Dan Slater (University of Chicago), Ingo Rohlfing (University of Bremen), and past award winner Roman David (Lingnan University).

The jury will seek consensual decisions. In case of disagreement, it will rule by majority. Jury decisions are final.


Submission guidelines

Submissions to the 2015 C&M Award for Concept Analysis in Political Science are open to authors, journal editors, and book publishers. We encourage self-nominations. When submitting the work of others, please make sure you have obtained the express consent of the author.

All submissions must include:

  1. four paper copies of the work submitted;
  2. a brief justification (one paragraph), and;
  3. mailing address, phone, and email of the author.

All submissions must be postmarked by 7 January 2015.

Award Recipients

C&M Award 2015: Robert Adcock

C&M Award 2012: Roman David

C&M Award 2009: Jennifer Gandhi

C&M Award 2006: James L. Gibson

C&M Award 2003: Gerardo L. Munck & Jay Verkuilen