Politics and Religion Journal (PRJ)

Politics and Religion Journal (PRJ)

Politics and Religion in Contemporary United States of America


Publication date: Jan 2013

Center for Study of Religion and Religious Tolerance, Belgrade

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Table of Contents The Word of Guest editor TOPIC OF THIS ISSUE POLITICS AND RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Emilly R. Gill Religion, Civic Values, and Equal citizenship in the Liberal democratic polity Jerold Waltman The Landscape of Contemporary Jurisprudence regarding Free Exercise of Religion Lauren E. Smith and Laura R. Olson Attitudes about Socio - moral issues Among Religious and Secular Youth James L. Guth Militant and Cooperative Internationalism Among American Religious Publics Todd Collins, Kenneth A. Wink, James L. Guth, and C. Don Livingston The Church and Congres: Relgious Affiliations and Foreign Policy voting in the U.S. House of Representatives Trent A. Engbers Politics of Polygamous people: How a minority Religion can help us understand Religion and Politics in America ANALYSES Danoye Oguntola Laguda Religion and Government policy formulations: A Study of the Responses of Muslims to the Coroner law system in Lagos, Nigeria Maciej Potz Religious Doctrine as a Factor of stability of Political systems. A Study of two North American Theocracies REVIEWS, CRITICAL VIEWS AND POLEMICS Marko Vekovic Islamism and Islam Eren Tatari and Shabana A. Baksh Finding Mecca in America how Islam is becoming American Religion Amir M. Sadeh Sustaining Faith Traditions: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion among the Latino and Asian American Second Generation Gary Malecha The Challenge of Pluralism: Church and State in Five Democracies