Diaspora Colloquium 2022-2023

Diaspora Colloquium 2022-2023

Wed, 07 Sep 2022 - Sat, 30 Sep 2023

Kalyani, India

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Organized by: University of Kalyani

Contact: csbdku@gmail.com

Diaspora refers to a particular community which is displaced from its original homeland. In the academic world, Diaspora Studies encompasses a wide field constituting diverse domains and disciplines. It includes within its ambit, social sciences like Political Science, Economics, Sociology and sub-fields like International Relations, Migration Studies, Culture Studies, Human Rights Studies, Film Studies etc.

It also draws copiously from subjects like History, Literature. Significantly, Diaspora studies cuts across disciplines that fall under the purview of science, for example, Geography, Psychology, Environmental Science and Anthropology. In the present world, the walls of separation between disciplines are being dismantled and no Social Science is isolated from its counterparts. Their relationship is one of interaction, interdependence and mutual complementarity. Apart from inter-disciplinary integration, the trend towards trans-disciplinary integration is also discernible. The concepts of ethnicity, migration and culture are integral to Diaspora Studies. Sciences like Geography with its emphasis on cultural migration, Environmental Science with its focus on environmental migration and Anthropology with its searching analysis of ethnic communities, open up immense possibilities of creative trans-disciplinary research transcending the narrow boundaries of isolated disciplines. 

Achieving a holistic domain of knowledge breaking the walls of compartmentalization.

The Centre for Studies on Bengali Diaspora University of Kalyani proposes to organize in blended mode, a transdisciplinary yearlong colloquium with the objective of providing necessary academic and research inputs to students and research scholars of various disciplines with the intention of enriching their knowledge of the mother discipline as well as related domains of knowledge. This would facilitate interdisciplinary integration and stimulate trans-disciplinary research. Such expansion of domain knowledge would also be conducive to creative research in future with immense potential and possibilities.
The program will be for one academic year with one lecture of one hour’s duration per month.

It shall commence on 7 September 2022 and continue till August 2023.