Russia and the Pacific

Russia and the Pacific

ISSN: 1026-8804

Publication date: Jan 2022

Fareastern Branch, Russian Academy of Science

Deadline: Tue, 06 Sep 2022


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Journal/Call for Papers Description

The global march of neoliberalism transformed the role of the state in the economy and society and therefore fundamentally affected the regional policy. The possibilities to manage the territorial development reduced radically. The process of liberalisation coincided with the rapid growth of economic sectors that emerged during the technological revolution and led to the expansion of the concept of the "periphery" to include not only the remote and underdeveloped areas but also the areas of agricultural and industrial development. All that was accompanied by the rethinking of conceptual approaches to regional policy and the shifting in social, economic, and spatial priorities.

The impact of neo-liberal ideas on the economy and scenarios of de-industrialisation varied from country to country. In this special issue of the journal, we propose to discuss the history and the outcomes of the transformation of the vast peripheral regions of Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, and other territorially large countries with uneven regional development. Researchers are invited to submit papers on the following topics:

1. Competing neoliberal and developmental approaches to regional development;
2. Political opposition to neoliberalism: a struggle of regional elites for a regional policy image;
3. Deindustrialisation as a historical stage in the development of peripheral territories and its socio-economic consequences (the mid-1980s – the 2000s);
4. Comparative experience of overcoming the consequences of deindustrialization;
5. Socio-economic features of deindustrialization in the Far East including: changes in population composition, transformation of everyday life structures.

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