REVISTA DE DIREITOS E GARANTIAS FUNDAMENTAIS / Fundamental Rights and Guarantees Journal

REVISTA DE DIREITOS E GARANTIAS FUNDAMENTAIS / Fundamental Rights and Guarantees Journal

ISSN: ISSN 2175-6058

Publication date: Mar 2023

Vitória School of Law PhD Program

Deadline: Tue, 30 May 2023


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Journal/Call for Papers Description

The Journal of Fundamental Rights and Guarantees (FDV) invites submissions with the primary purpose of examining the relationship between geopolitics, criminology, development and artificial intelligence in the context of democratic regimes, fundamental guarantees and public security from a decolonial perspective.

Unpublished papers written in Portuguese, as well as in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, and linked to the following subjects will also be accepted, in addition to other convergent epistemological cuts: 1) The impact of geopolitics on criminology; 2) The use of AI in the battle against crime; 3) The connection between development and public safety; 4) The relationship between human rights and criminology; and 5) The significance of migration to geopolitik. 6) Constitutional skepticism and the rule of law; 7) political prejudices; AI and minorities.

Important questions, like "How do international policies condition as well as affect transnational crime and public security?" will be posed throughout the dossier. How do diplomacy, criminology, and development intersect with the implications of artificial intelligence? How are transnational crime and public security conditioned by and affected by foreign policies? How can criminal collaboration and transnational criminal cooperation significantly affect world democracy, economic stability, military power, science and technology, psychosocial power, potential human catastrophes, and human rights issues over the next five years? In this perspective, manipulation of democratic processes, economic exploitation, military destabilization, access to cutting-edge technologies and disruption of social relations are just some of the implications of transnational criminal cooperation that should be investigated through the development of research proposals. A document addressing these issues will be created after the articles that make up the dossier have been defined. It will show how these issues intersect and how they can progress democracy, public security, and the defence of human rights.

The works should adhere to the editorial guidelines of the Journal of Fundamental Rights and Guarantees and be between 15 and 25 pages long, using the author-data quotation method.

Deadline: 30 May 2023. Publication is anticipated for August 2023.