Grads Conference and Scholarship Opportunity: Post-COVID Economy and Graduate Recruiting

Grads Conference and Scholarship Opportunity: Post-COVID Economy and Graduate Recruiting



Deadline: Sat, 17 Jul 2021

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The serious economic and labour market consequences of Covid-19 are apparent around the world, even if the manifest themselves differently in different countries. As the graduate labor market mirrors the issues in the larger economy, graduate recruitment is declining globally. But are there any countries that are doing better than others? What type of government - federal or authoritarian - has the advantage of containing the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and creating job opportunities for the young graduates? What sectors of the economy look most promising across countries and government types in terms of employment for young graduates? Are there strategies for "weathering the storm" of graduation to a (post)-Covid economy? If so, are there any differences between the countries with varying types of government?

Graduate students in all relevant fields are invited to submit a two-page research proposal and a motivation letter providing details about their educational institution and program of study to by 17 July 2021. Paper proposals in Word or PDF format should also include keywords and abstracts (400-500 words).

Following the research proposals presentation at the webinar, the authors of the best proposals will be selected for the Ashburn Institute's scholarship award.* To receive the scholarship award, these students will be required to write high-quality individual research papers and submit them electronically by 15 October 2021. They will be invited to present their studies at the Ashburn Institute’s "Post-Covid Economy and Graduate Recruiting" conference and publish them with the Ashburn Institute in November 2021.