Regional Integration: Choosing Plutocracy

Regional Integration: Choosing Plutocracy

By: Kathleen J. Hancock

Release date: Jan 2010

Palgrave Macmillan

Number of pages: 256

ISBN: 9780230616738

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The international system is based on sovereign equality, yet states sometimes choose to cooperate through plutocratic governance arrangements, under which members of a multilateral accord delegate policymaking to the wealthiest state among them.  In 1995,  Russia created an economic integration agreement using plutocratic structures.  Prussia and South Africa led similar arrangements in their respective regions during earlier historical periods.  Numerous states joined these integration efforts.  Governing Regional Integration answers the plutocracy question with a novel theory focusing on the political survival of the leadership.  In narratives laced with kings, diamonds, revolutions, and hyper-nationalism, Hancock traces the stories of these states and their paths to plutocracy.