Handbook of Biology and Politics

Handbook of Biology and Politics

Edited by: Steven A. Peterson Albert Somit

Release date: Jan 2019

Edward Elgar Publishing

Number of pages: 560

ISBN: 978-1783476268

Moving away from the long-established paradigm which holds that all political behavior is learned via socialization, this Handbook assesses the contributions of biology to political science, illustrating that behavior is in actual fact shaped by the interplay between learning and biological influences. Describing how a more biologically-oriented approach expands and enriches political science, both conceptually and in terms of its research capabilities, key chapters focus on general biological approaches to politics, biopolitical contributions to mainstream areas within political science, and linkages between biology and public policy. Providing specific examples of how Neo-Darwinism can contribute to more successful public policies, the Handbook further emphasizes the close ties between a realistic understanding of human political behavior and the likelihood that our species successfully resolves the problems that now threaten its welfare. Original and thought-provoking, this Handbook will prove an enriching read for political scientists starting to consider the value of biological factors in influencing political behavior, as well as for behavioural scientists in other areas experiencing the same paradigm shifts. Biologists will also find further grounding for their research into biological and behavioral science.

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