About Institutional Membership

IPSA's Institutional membership is open to international or national organizations, societies, libraries, department, faculty or institutions pursuing objectives compatible with those of IPSA in related fields of activity. Institutional members of IPSA pay an annual subscription fee, fixed from time to time by the IPSA executive committee.

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Benefits Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Subscription to International Political Science Review (IPSR) (five per year) (ISSN: 0192-5121)
Subscription to Participation, the IPSA bulletin (ISSN: 0709-6941)
Access to a 50% discount on a subscription to International Political Science Abstracts (six per year) (ISSN: 0020-8345)
An online account linked with a profile page of your organization on the IPSA website
Through the same online account, promote your books and events, and post a call for papers, job openings, awards and much more on the IPSA website. These news postings will also appear in the monthly IPSA E-Newsletter – read by more than 10,500 people – and in our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter)  
Five (5) coupons for US$15 discount on IPSA individual membership  
Five (5) coupons for US$20 discount on registration to the next IPSA World Congress  
Your members could collaborate and/or work with one of 50 IPSA Research Committees.  
Join a community of thousands of political scientists from around the world.  

Download the 2019 membership form (standard pdf, 278 kb ; active pdf, 295 kb)

Free Institutional Membership Libraries are available to institution from the Global South through an IPSA-Sage joint program. Please contact membership@ipsa.org to see if your institution is eligible.