Ulrich Kloeti Award (RC27)

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The Ulrich Kloeti Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Study of Public Policy, Administration, and Institutions is given in honor of Ulrich Kloeti, a founding member of  IPSA’s Research Committee 27 on the Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) and its co-chair for ten years.

It is presented annually to a scholar who has made exceptional contributions to research in the field through a sustained career. Awardees must have involved themselves significantly within RC27 - Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) -- both with respect to research and leadership.

Find more details about nominations at http://sog27.org/


Award Recipients

2016 / 2017 - Joel Aberbach and Per Lægreid

aberbach-laegreid_kloti_2017.pngAt the January 2017 meeting of the IPSA Research Committee on Structure and Organization of Government in Gothenburg, Joel Aberbach of Boston University and Per Lægreid of University of Bergen received the Ulrich Kloeti Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Study of Public Policy, Administration and Institutions. The award is presented annual to scholars who have made exceptional contributions to research in the field throughout their career. The Structure and Organization of Government Research Committee is the academic sponsor of Governance. Aberbach and Lægreid are both former management committee members of SOG.



2014 / 2015 - Bert Rockman and Graham Wilson

Rockman & WilsonThe board of SOG has given the 2012 Ulrich Kloeti Award to Professor Bert Rockman, Pudue University and Professor Graham Wilson, Boston Univesity.  They are awarded simultaneously because it is virtually impossible to distinguish their records.  That is, their contributions to SOG are identical--they both have influenced the discipline immensely through their own research, have been greatly involved in our group from the beginning, and served as editors of Governance.  During the time that they edited the journal, it was ranked the best journal in public administration in two years, 2002 and 2004. We have been exceedingly fortunate to have Bert and Graham as colleagues and they will be excellent examples of what SOG hopes to achieve.


2011 - B. Guy Peters

B. Guy PetersB. Guy Peters is Maurice Falk Professor of American Government at the University of Pittsburgh and Professor of Comparative Governance at Zeppelin University.  He was one of founders of RC-27 and also co-founding editor of Governance.  He is presently co-editor of the European Political Science Review.  His recent publications include Institutionalism in Political Science (3rd edition) and Interactive Governance:  Advancing the Paradigm, with Jacob Torfing, Jon Pierre and Eva Sorensen.



2010 - Nicole de Montricher

Nicole de MontricherThe board of SOG has given the 2010 Ulrich Kloeti Award to Nicole de Montricher of Université de Paris II. The award nomination credits Professor de Montricher for having "an immense impact on the study of public and administration in France."





2009 - Colin Campbell

Colin CampbellThe first award was presented to Professor Colin Campbell of the University of British Columbia. Colin is a co-founder of SOG, was the first co-editor or our journal (Governance), and exemplifies the qualities we celebrate in the Kloeti Award -- a high standard of scholarship in the areas SOG covers, major contributions to the field, and major contributions to SOG.