IPSR - Volume 41, Number 4, September 2020

The gender gap in political interest revisited
Monica Ferrín, Marta Fraile, Gema M García-Albacete  and Raul Gómez

Consensus and dissensus in comparative politics: Do comparativists agree on the goals, methods, and results of the field?
Andrew Roberts

Eclecticism and the future of the burden-sharing research programme: Why Trump is wrong
Benjamin Zyla

Democratic disillusionment? Desire for democracy after the Arab uprisings
Niels Spierings

Shaming and democracy: Explaining inter-state shaming in international organizations
Faradj Koliev

Freedom of the press and perceptions about government corruption
Patrick Flavin and Fielding Montgomery

When reality strikes: Opinion changes among citizens and politicians during a deliberation on school closures
Kim Strandberg and Janne Berg

A new approach to measuring legislators’ activity
Osnat Akirav

On the construction of identities: An autoethnography from Turkey
Funda Gençoğlu