IPSR - Volume 41, Number 3, June 2020


Reassessing the relationship between elections and democratization
Nam Kyu Kim

Does talking matter? A quasi-experiment assessing the impact of deliberation and information on opinion change
Eoin O’Malley, David M Farrell and Jane Suiter

Understanding the use of recall referendums: Evidence from Ecuador
Yanina Welp and Ana Sofía Castellanos

Electoral reform and partisan dealignment in Indonesia
Diego Fossati

Does the constitution matter? Semi-presidentialism and the origin of hegemonic personalist regimes
Huang-Ting Yan

Explaining high rates of political participation among Chinese migrants to Australia
Jill Sheppard, Marija Taflaga and Liang Jiang

Neither unitary nor federal: Did Bolivians invent something new?
Franz Xavier Barrios-Suvelza

Can information campaigns impact preferences toward vote selling? Theory and evidence from Kenya
Aaron Erlich

Democratizing dictators? Non-democratic regime conditions and the allocation of US democracy assistance, 1975–2010
James M. Scott and Ralph G. Carter

Economic governance: Does it make or break a dominant party equilibrium?  The case of India
Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Wilfried Swenden

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