IPSR - Volume 41, Number 1, January 2020

Special Issue: Democratization in Divided Places: Designing Power-Sharing Institutions for Broad Inclusion
Guest Editors: Timofey Agarin and Allison McCulloch

Special Issue Introduction
How power-sharing includes and excludes non-dominant communities:
Introduction to the special issue
Timofey Agarin and Allison McCulloch

Special Issue Articles

The limits of inclusion: Representation of minority and non-dominant communities in consociational and liberal democracies
Timofey Agarin

Democracy, ethnoicracy and consociational demoicracy
Nenad Stojanovic ́Power-sharing: A gender intervention
Allison McCulloch

Feminist reflections on discourses of (power) + (sharing) in power-sharing theory
Siobhan Byrne

The plight of civic parties in divided societies
Cera Murtagh

Minorities overlooked: Group-based power-sharing and the exclusion-amid-inclusion dilemma
Andreas Juon

Revisiting the semi-consociational model: Democratic failure in prewar Lebanon and post-invasion Iraq
Eduardo Wassim Aboultaif

The ‘Uncle Tom’ dilemma: Minorities in power-sharing arrangements
Jon Fraenkel

Internally displaced persons and the Cyprus peace process
Charis Psaltis, Huseyin Cakal, Neophytos Loizides, and Isık Kusçu Bonnenfan