IPSR - Volume 40, Number 2, March 2019


Does democratization lower consumer prices? Regime type, prices, and the consumer–producer tradeoff
Andy Baker and Stefan Wojcik

Gender equality in politics at home and promotion of gender equality in politics abroad: The role of bilateral official development assistance
Mi Yung Yoon and Chungshik Moon

United Nations electoral assistance: More than a fig leaf?
Anna Lührmann

The legislature as a gendered workplace: Exploring members of parliament’s experiences of working in the Swedish parliament
Josefina Erikson and Cecilia Josefsson

How and why do political parties differ in their spending patterns? An empirical analysis of expenditure on party payroll staff
Jef Smulders and Bart Maddens

Do sanction types affect the duration of economic sanctions? The case of foreign aid
Jin Mun Jeong

Popular conceptions of democracy and democratic satisfaction in China
Yida Zhai

Help or hindrance? The role of humanitarian military interventions in human security NGO operations
Sam R. Bell, Patricia Blocksome, Kevin P. Brown and Amanda Murdie

The global politics of human rights: From human rights to human dignity?
Salvador Santino F Regilme, Jr