IPSR - Volume 39, Number 1, January 2018

Special Issue: State capacity, elections and the resilience of authoritarian rule

Guest Editor : Olli Hellmann and Aurel Croissant

Introduction: State capacity and elections in the study of authoritarian regimes
Aurel Croissant and Olli Hellmann

State capacity and the resilience of electoral authoritarianism: Conceptualizing and measuring the institutional underpinnings of autocratic power
Jonathan K Hanson

Electoral authoritarianism and economic control
Merete Bech Seeberg

Strong states, weak elections? How state capacity in authoritarian regimes conditions the democratizing power of elections
Carolien van Ham and Brigitte Seim

High capacity, low resilience: The ‘developmental’ state and military–bureaucratic authoritarianism in South Korea
Olli Hellmann

Authoritarian elections, state capacity, and performance legitimacy: Phases of regime consolidation and decline in Suharto’s Indonesia
Marcus Mietzner

State and regime capacity in authoritarian elections: Egypt before the Arab spring
Kevin Koehler

Electoral authoritarianism and weak states in Africa: The role of parties versus presidents in Tanzania and Cameroon
Yonatan L Morse

State capacity and regime resilience in Putin’s Russia
David White

Karl Deutsch Lecture

Introduction to Rein Taagepera, ‘Science walks on two legs, but social sciences try to hop on one’
Mark Kesselman, Marian Sawer and Theresa Reidy

Science walks on two legs, but social sciences try to hop on one
Rein Taagepera