IPSA Structure

IPSA Council

The IPSA Council elects, within its members, the voting members of the Executive Committee. The IPSA Council is composed of Collective Members (representing national political science associations, see Collective Membership) and of Individual Members. The Individual Members of the Council are proposed by the President and ratified by the Executive Committee. Their total number may not exceed 30% of the number of representatives of Collective Members, and are selected from the following categories:

    * Individual and Associate Members of the IPSA from countries or regions where there is no Collective Member;
    * Chairpersons and secretaries of IPSA Research Committees and Study Groups;
    * Boards of Editors of IPSA official publications.

The Council membership must meet every 3 years at the IPSA World Congress.

IPSA Executive Committee

The IPSA constitution requires that the Executive Committee (EC) contain a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 members, including the president and the past president, who are both members ex-officio. In addition to this quorum, Executive Committee meetings are attended, in a non-voting capacity, by the RC Liaison representative, the secretary general, the administrator of the secretariat, the program chair (if he isn't already a voting member of the EC) and the editors of IPSA’s publications and IPSA Portal. Voting members of the EC are elected by the IPSA Council.

See the current IPSA EC Officers.

EC Sub-Committees

EC sub-committees are created by the EC and chaired by a voting member of the EC. They have the powers that the EC delegates to them. There are right now 6 EC sub-committees and they are:

    * Committee on Organization, Procedure and Awards
    * Committee on Research and Training
    * Committee on the Congress Program
    * Committee on Participation and Membership
    * Budget Committee
    * Committee on Publications


Editors are non-voting members of the EC. They are:

    * Editors of the International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA)
    * Editors of the International Political Science Review (IPSR)
    * Editors of World Political Science (WPS)
    * IPSAPortal representative (IPSA internet search engine)

See the current IPSA Editors.

RC Liaison Representative

The Research Committee (RC) Liaison Representative is a non-voting member of the EC. He represents the Research Committees on the EC. For more information on the RC Liaison Representative, go to the Research Committees section.


The Secretariat is represented on the EC by the Secretary General (named by the EC) and the administrator of the secretariat. The Secretary General is the Treasurer of the IPSA and acts as Secretary during EC meetings (responsible for the minutes of the meeting). He oversees the organization of the IPSA World Congresses and other meetings organized by the EC.

See the current Secretariat team.