European political science (eps)

European political science (eps)



Publication date: Jan 2010

Palgrave Macmillan

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and 40 years of political science in Europe, a special issue of the ECPR's professional journal European Political Science (EPS) has been published. EPS is available NOW free of charge via the ECPR website, and until the end of January via the Palgrave Macmillan website CONTENTS Forty Years of European Political Science Luís de Sousa, Jonathon Moses, Jacqui Briggs & Martin Bull Political Science as a Profession Yves Mény The Future of Political Science Jean Blondel & Pascal Vennesson Political Science in Europe and the ECPR: Looking back and Looking on Hans Daalder Why European Political Science Organisations? A Diachronic, Comparative and Fairly Short Explanation Thibaud Boncourt Electronic Publishing, Knowledge Sharing and Open Access: A New Environment for Political Science Mauro Calise, Rosanna de Rosa & Xavier Fernández i Marín Teaching Political Science in Europe Mike Goldsmith & Chris Goldsmith Blockages on the Road to Relevance: Why has Political Science Failed to Deliver? Gerry Stoker The Development of Gender and Politics as a New Research Field within the Framework of the ECPR Drude Dahlerup Looking Back to Move Forward: Historicising the Construction of Disciplinary Narratives in European Political Science and International Relations Heather Savigny In Defence of Pluralism in the Social Sciences Michael Keating & Donatella della Porta The Changing Nature of European Political Science: The Discipline in an Age of Acknowledged Interdependence Colin Hay