The 2022 Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference

The 2022 Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference

Mon, 30 May 2022 - Fri, 03 Jun 2022


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The Programme Committee invites proposals for participation in the 2022 Canadian Political Science Association annual conference.

Political Science and Politics in Transformative Years

The spread of the new coronavirus has impacted international relations, raised issues on the role of some multilateral organizations, increased pressures around the control of borders, and intensified concerns about the management of diversity in multicultural societies. Citizens have been looking for leadership and public policies to fight the crisis and to mitigate its effects. Governments have responded through a wide range of policies with various degrees of restrictions and public spending. Similarly, the politicization of the decision-making process has varied, the independence of public health bodies being more scrutinized than ever. This multifaceted crisis has required coordination between national, regional, and local governments. Public opinion has been monitored, sometimes by governments to assess citizens’ attitudes toward these policies and compliance with restrictions, sometimes by political parties to adjust their electoral strategies. News media have been expected to disseminate information and to challenge public officials. Digital technologies have played a role to inform citizens; however, they were also the haven of conspiracy theories, presumably fuelling radical attitudes among some citizens.

The pandemic has also created new challenges for political scientists: it has left no research field in our discipline untouched, transformed our professional practices, and reshaped the career prospects of students. Teachers had to move their classes online. Supervisors had to find new ways to stay in touch with their graduates, manage modified or interrupted internships, recommend new strategies of data collection, and entertain team spirit in their labs. Mental health issues, already a long-standing concern, have reached new heights. Graduates and postdoctoral fellows are more worried about the academic job market and are looking for other opportunities.

We approach these issues with the theme Political Science and Politics in Transformative Years. We invite submissions that speak to this overarching theme, which encapsulates many concerns of our community, in all areas of political science, spanning one or more of the CPSA’s fourteen disciplinary sections.

The CPSA continues to prioritize the work of the CPSA Reconciliation and EDID committees as well as broader efforts to decolonize the Academy. It subscribes to the principles of accessibility, diversity, decolonization, equity, inherent human dignity, inclusion, and inclusive excellence. Thus, the Programme Committee particularly welcomes proposals for papers, panels, posters and roundtables that contribute to a diverse and inclusive representation of the Canadian political science community, and those that address all forms of discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, and injustice, including, but not limited to, those rooted in racism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism.

2022 CPSA will feature plenary addresses and all our familiar disciplinary section panels. The CPSA conference has always been globally-focused, and we especially invite scholars from around the world to participate and present their work virtually.

2022 CPSA – Conference’s Format
For the second time in its long history, the CPSA Conference will be held virtually with a small social twist in some cities across the country (stay tuned!). This decision follows the announcement of the Federation not to hold an in-person Congress this year. Our conference will provide everyone an affordable, accessible, predictable and safe experience. Building on the 2021 CPSA’s experience and the precious feedback provided by its participants, we are able to design an improved conference that will extend over 5 days, with 90-minute sessions for in-depth discussions, debates, and fruitful scholarly exchanges, and fewer sessions in each timeslot to facilitate participation.

Annual Conference of the International Studies Association (ISA) Canada Region
ISA-Canada is proud to host its annual conference in partnership with the CPSA. For the seventeenth consecutive year, ISA-Canada will co-organize with the CPSA the International Relations section of the 2022 Annual Conference. ISA-Canada encourages its members to submit proposals on areas of interest in the study of international relations. ISA-Canada is a region of the International Studies Association (ISA), the premier international association of international relations scholars.

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