Collective Membership

  1. Voting rights at the IPSA Council, IPSA highest decision body;
  2. Organize panels at the IPSA World Congress of Political Science;
  3. Access to Members' Directory, with contact information of more than 4,000 members from all areas of political science;
  4. Promote events, call for papers, books, events, news, etc. on IPSA’s website, social media and monthly newsletter;
  5. Individual members of Collective members can take part in the 53 IPSA Research Committees;
  6. Free access to IPSA publications: International Political Science Review, International Political Science Abstracts, Participation;
  7. Access to IPSA Conference Proceedings Library;
  8. Profile available on this page of the IPSA website.

National and regional associations of political science joins IPSA Collective membership through a candidacy and selection process led by the IPSA Secretariat and the IPSA Committee on Membership and Participation, and ultimately approved by the IPSA Executive Committee.

Any leader of a national or regional association not already member of IPSA interested in joining IPSA, or simply wishing to gather information, should contact The membership director will evaluate a possible candidacy through a preselection process. If the association is deemed ready to join IPSA, it will then be invited to submit a candidacy through a formal application process.

Any application for collective membership should be directed to the IPSA Secretariat at, and must include the following documents:

  1. The filled information form;
  2. The constitution of the association as a legal entity.
  3. A statement of the financial resources of the association (budget and bank statement).
  4. A list of members of the executive committee together with their institutional affiliations.     
  5. The list of members of the association and a statement indicating that they represent most political scientists in the country or region.     
  6. Information about the activities of the association, including academic meetings and publication. 
  7. An outline of the future academic plans of the association.

Once judged complete, the application is then sent from the Secretariat to the IPSA Committee on Membership and Participation that will evaluate the candidacy and submit its opinion to the IPSA Executive Committee that will ultimately approve or not the candidacy.

There shall normally be only one collective member from a country. If, in any country, two or more eligible groups are candidates for collective membership the executive committee may, as its discretion, seek the establishment of a joint committee to which collective membership may be granted, or it may admit one or more of the groups collective members.

We would be pleased to give you any additional information you may need. Feel free to consult the current list of IPSA collective members above.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the IPSA Secretariat at