IPSR - Volume 42, Number 2, March 2021

Analyzing ethnographic interviews: Three studies on terrorism and nonviolent resistance
Stephanie Dornschneider

Gender novelty and personalized news coverage in Australia and Canada
Linda Trimble, Jennifer Curtin, Angelina Wagner, Meagan Auer, V K G Woodman and Bethan Owens

Democratic peace: Does ethnic inclusiveness reduce interstate conflict?
Seung-Whan Choi and Henry Noll

Democracy in Croatia: From stagnant 1990s to rapid change 2000-2011
Victoria Finn

When do consultative referendums improve democracy? Evidence from local referendums in Norway
Bjarte Folkestad, Jan Erling Klausen, Jo Saglie and Signe Bock Segaard

Institutional interests and the politics of constitutional amendment
Anna Fruhstorfer and Michael Hein

Crook! The impact of perceived corruption on non-electoral forms of political behaviour
Raffaele Bazurli and Martin Portos

Selecting party leaders, reform processes and methods: Examining the Australian and New Zealand Labour parties
William P Cross and Anika Gauja

Union structure, bounded solidarity and support for redistribution: Implication for building a welfare state
Jae-jin Yang and Hyeok Yong Kwon