IPSR - Volume 42, Number 1, January 2021

Special Issue: The Politics of Climate Change

Guest Editors: Jale Tosun and B. Guy Peters

Special Issue Introduction
The politics of climate change: Domestic and international responses to a global challenge
Jale Tosun and B. Guy Peters

Special Issue Articles

Party competition on climate policy: The roles of interest groups, ideology and challenger parties in the UK and Ireland
Neil Carter and Conor Little

Policy styles, opportunity structures and proportionality: Comparing renewable electricity policies in the UK
Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg and Tim Rayner

The politics of climate change in a neo-developmental state: The case of South Korea
Thomas Kalinowski

Policy implications of climate change denial: Content analysis of Russian national and regional news media
Dmitry Yagodin

Policy opinion in policy contexts. A comparative analysis of domestic energy policies and individual policies and individual policy preferences in Europe
Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen and Christina Eder

National interests and coalition positions on climate change: A text-based analysis
Paula Castro

The Clean Energy Ministerial: Motivation for and policy consequences of membership
Jale Tosun and Adrian Rinscheid

Capacity building for proportionate climate policy: Lessons from India and South Africa
Prabhat Upadhyaya, Manish Kumar Shrivastava, Ganesh Gorti and Saliem Fakir