IPSR - Volume 41, Number 2, March 2020


Political consumerism: A comparative analysis of established and developing democracies
Birte Gundelach

Concepts of democracy in democratic and nondemocratic countries
Anna Zagrebina

Mismatch between lower performance and higher trust in the civil service: Can culture provide an explanation?
Hasan Muhammad Baniamin, Ishtiaq Jamil and Steinar Askvik

Too big to fault? Effects of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on Norwegian exports to China and foreign policy
Ivar Kolstad

How do radical right populist parties influence resurging debates over the stripping of citizenship?
Benjamin Biard

Majoritarian systems, rural groups, and (arrested) welfare state development
Carl Henrik Knutsen and Magnus Bergli Rasmussen

Social networkers and careerists: Explaining high-intensity activism among  British party members
Paul Webb, Tim Bale and Monica Poletti

Voting after the change: A natural experiment on the effect of electoral reform on party system fragmentation
Pedro Riera

Why do countries change the taxation of foreign-source income of multinational firms?
Mi Jeong Shin