IPSR - Volume 40, Number 4, September 2019

Ethnonationalism and attitudes towards same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland
Bernadette C Hayes and John Nagle

Political values and extra-institutional political participation: The impact of economic redistributive and social libertarian preferences on protest behaviour
Maria T Grasso and Marco Giugni

Voters’ preferences for party representation: Promise-keeping, responsiveness to public opinion or enacting the common good
Annika Werner

How do different sources of partisanship influence government accountability in Europe?
Paul Whiteley and Ann-Kristin Kölln

A global analysis of how losing an election affects voter satisfaction with  democracy
Benjamin Farrer and Joshua N Zingher

Religion and foreign-policy views: Are religious people more altruistic and/or more militant?
Ivica Petrikova

Revisiting the Islamist–Secular divide: Parties and voters in the Arab world
Eva Wegner and Francesco Cavatorta

The political economy of state patronage of religion: Evidence from Thailand
Tomas Larsson

Long-term impacts of parliamentary gender quotas in a single-party system:  Symbolic co-option or delayed integration?
Devin K Joshi and Rakkee Thimothy

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