IPSR - Volume 39, Number 2, March 2018

To use the whip or not: Whether and when party group leaders use disciplinary measures to achieve voting unity
Stefanie Bailer

Resisting gendered change: Feminist institutionalism and critical actors
Jennifer Thomson

Personal vote, spatial registration rules, and party system nationalization in Latin America
Yen-Pin Su

Non-governmental organizations and economic sanctions
Youngwan Kim and Taehee Whang

Which party members participate in direct political action? A cross-national analysis
Bram Wauters

When rotten apples spoil the ballot: The conditional effect of corruption charges on parties’ vote shares
Andrea Ceron and Marco Mainenti

Looking beyond the district: The representation of geographical sub-constituencies across Europe
Audrey André and Sam Depauw

Hanging together or not? Impacts of social media use and organisational membership on individual and collective political actions
Xinzhi Zhang and Wan-Ying Lin

Resonance of the Arab Spring: Solidarities and youth opinion in the Global South
Adam K Webb