IPSR - Volume 38, Number 5, November 2017

Disability, perceived discrimination and political participation
Mikko Mattila and Achillefs Papageorgiou

Agenda setting and the political economy of fear: How crime news influences voters’ beliefs
Paolo R Graziano and Marco Percoco

The Italian political elites and Europe: Big move, small change?
Nicolò Conti

The impact of the European Union’s policy towards China’s intellectual property regime
Natalia Wyzycka and Reza Hasmath

Electoral paths and support for same-sex marriage legislation: Evidence from Taiwan’s mixed-member system
Timothy S Rich

Political equality within the household? The political role and influence of mothers and fathers in a multi-party setting
Joris Boonen

To what extent is post-positivism ‘practised’ in International Relations? Evidence from China and the USA
Yong-Soo Eun

Got political Islam? Are politically moderate Muslims really different from radicals?
Dilshod Achilov and Sedat Sen

The dynamics of the winner–loser gap in satisfaction with democracy: Evidence from a Swedish citizen panel
Stefan Dahlberg and Jonas Linde

Integrating participatory institutions into the traditional representative and bureaucratic model of public governance
Pablo Bandeira and Agustín Ferraro

How are the powers of the president decided? Vote trading in the making of Taiwan’s semi-presidential constitution
Jih-wen Lin

Heterogeneity in voter perceptions of party competition in multidimensional space: Evidence from Japan
Hirofumi Miwa and Masaki Taniguchi

Comics, comics studies, and political science
Kent Worcester