Timofey Agarin (United Kingdom) RC Liaison Representative


Timofey Agarin is a Reader in Politics and Ethnic Conflict, Queens University Belfast. He holds a Ph.D. from Aberdeen, UK and an MA from Phillips University Marburg, Germany. He is interested in relationships between the state and society, particularly between the majority and the minority, issues relating to non-discrimination on societal change, as well as in dynamics within political institutions. At the heart of it, is his interest in ethnic politics and their impact on transition from communism in Central Eastern European states. In the past, he studied the dynamic relations between national identity, power relations and ethnic conflict across the post-communist region and particularly at institutions of the nation-state. Using the cases of institutions tasked with minority protection, he investigates how democratizing states cooperate with one another as well as with international organizations to reduce ethnic tensions domestically and ensure peace and stability. His research generally asks: What are the effects of (nation-) state consolidation on political participation and representation of all affected in the increasingly diverse societies. More recently, he has been working on issues of status and representation of non-dominant groups in divided societies managed by consociational political systems.