IPSA Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

IPSA Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Publication date: Mon, 22 Jan 2024

Photo: 7th IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Brussels, 1967. ©IPSA Archive. 

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2024, marking a momentous journey of scholarly contribution to the global political science community. Since its establishment in 1949 in Paris, IPSA has played a crucial role in fostering the development of political science worldwide, promoting collaboration between scholars in emerging and established democracies, and supporting academic freedoms.

To commemorate this significant milestone, IPSA will organize two international academic conferences in 2024. The first will be held in Montreal, Canada, from 25-26 April and will focus on Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance. The second conference, on Democratization and Autocratization, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 11-13 September.



Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance: IPSA 75th Anniversary Conference
25-26 April 2024, Montreal, Canada
IPSA will organize the Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance conference in partnership with Concordia University and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) Canada, and in collaboration with the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) and the Société québécoise de science politique (SQSP) at Concordia University in Montreal.



Democratization and Autocratization: IPSA 75th Anniversary Conference
11-13 September 2024, Lisbon, Portugal

IPSA will organize the Democratization and Autocratization conference in partnership with the Gulbenkian Foundation and in collaboration with the Portuguese Political Science Association (APCP). The call for panels will be open on 27 February 2024. Please stay tuned for more information and visit the IPSA website.


The 75th-anniversary conferences will highlight IPSA's achievements in the political science field and provide a platform through which to strengthen its longstanding ties with members and partner institutions across the world. 

As IPSA marks its 75th anniversary, it reaffirms its dedication to advancing political science, promoting international cooperation, and maintaining a global network of scholars. The association envisions a future in which it continues to shape the global political science community and where people from all horizons can participate in the pursuit of knowledge and academic freedom. 

We invite you to visit the IPSA website at ipsa.org for further information on our upcoming conferences and activities. Join us in celebrating 75 years of excellence and international cooperation in the field of political science.

IPSA’s 75 Years of Legacy

IPSA World Congress of Political Science
Since the first IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Zurich in 1950, the Association has organized 27 IPSA World Congresses in 24 cities around the world, bringing together a total of over 39,500 political scientists. The 28th IPSA World Congress is scheduled to take place 12-16 July 2025 in Seoul, South Korea, and the Congress program will be prepared by Program Co-Chairs Irasema Coronado and Azul A. Aguiar Aguilar under the theme Resisting Autocratization in Polarized Societies.

Global Membership
With more than 4,400 individual members worldwide, 59 national and regional political science associations, and 79 institutional members, IPSA maintains strong ties with key international players, national and regional political science associations and academic institutions to support the development of political science worldwide.

Research Committees
At the 1970 World Congress in Munich, IPSA officially established Research Committees (RCs) to institutionalize worldwide political science research. IPSA has 53 active RCs that work in specific sub-fields of the discipline including Concepts and Methods (RC01), Political Sociology (RC06), Political and Cultural Geography (RC15), Asian and Pacific Studies (RC18), New World Orders? (RC40) and International Political Economy (RC51). Between World Congresses, the RCs contribute more than any other body to the activities and achievements of IPSA, largely due to the rapid growth in both their numbers and the size of their individual memberships. 

Educational Programs

Summer Schools
To help students hone their methodological skillset and establish connections with peers from all over the world, IPSA collaborates with local universities worldwide since 2010 to organize summer schools in methodology. Presently, IPSA offers eight annual summer schools: Antalya, Capri, Mexico, Mostar, Poznan, São Paulo, Singapore and Spain. 

IPSA also organizes, in collaboration with Concordia University, the IPSA-Concordia Summer Institute in Applied Diplomacy in Montreal, Canada. The Summer Institute includes theoretical and policy-oriented seminars, as well as a practical hands-on Diplomacy Lab where participants work on case studies in teams.

Authored by some of the most outstanding academics in the IPSA community, IPSAMOOC is a joint project from IPSA and Federica WebLearning that offers free online political science courses. Since its launch in 2016, over 100,000 people worldwide have benefited from IPSAMOOC’s courses. ipsa.org/resources/ipsamooc

IPSA Portal
Created to foster online research and provide authoritative guidance to electronic sources for students and scholars, IPSA Portal covers a variety of websites, from library catalogues to statistical and data archives, article and book collections, and thematic networks. ipsaportal.org


International Political Science Review
Established in 1980, the International Political Science Review (IPSR) is committed to publishing peer-reviewed articles that significantly contribute to political science. IPSR is published five times per year. ipsa.org/publications/ipsr

International Political Science Abstracts 
Established in 1951, the International Political Science Abstracts is a global resource, providing non-evaluative abstracts of articles published in scholarly journals from every region of the world. The Abstracts is published six times per year. ipsa.org/publications/abstracts

Gender and Diversity Monitoring Report
Since 2011, IPSA has published the Gender and Diversity Monitoring Report, a survey that monitors gender and diversity to track the status of women and cultural communities in political science and strengthen their role in scientific research and organizations.