IPSA Launched a New Individual Membership Fee Structure

IPSA Launched a New Individual Membership Fee Structure

Publication date: Wed, 12 Oct 2022

We are pleased to announce that the IPSA individual membership fee structure was completely redesigned and modernized to better respond to the various financial capacities of our global membership. We are excited to be able to offer significantly lower rates for residents of many countries. 

Starting 14 October 2022, IPSA individual membership will now be branched into four groups (A, B, C and D) based on the country of residence. These correspond to the four different groups of the World Bank statistics on gross National Income (GNI) per capita, Atlas method. Each group will then be divided into the usual membership categories of Regular 2-years, Student 1-year, Student 2-years, Senior 2-years and Lifetime. 

New Individual Membership Fee Structure Overview

Group A

Group A (High-Income Economies) is composed of residents of the more developed countries in the world. This is historically the most represented group within IPSA. The rates for this group have been increased slightly. This increase is justified by the fact that IPSA did not raise its membership rates since 2018, even as costs for the World Congress, staff, and technology kept increasing every year. Moreover, the current rampant global inflation is directly affecting our expenses. Finally, and most of all, this small raise allows us to offer more realistic fees for colleagues from less-developed countries, making IPSA membership more accessible to scholars in all parts of the World.

Group B

In most categories, new rates in Group B (Upper-Middle-Income Economies) represent more than 50% off the membership fees of those in Group A. Our main goal with this initiative is to attract more members from most parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe, to name a few. This will help broaden IPSA’s reach in the underrepresented academic communities and enforce its global representation in line with our mission.

Group C

Residents from countries in Group C (Lower-Middle-Income Economies) will continue to enjoy the lower rates offered to members of the previous Global South membership category. The new rates for this group now represent between 64% and 87% fee reductions compared to Group A. This will allow more colleagues from these countries to participate in the international political science community.

Group D

Countries in Group D (Low-Income Economies) represent the most underdeveloped economies of the previous Global South membership category. In 2021, IPSA had very few members from these countries where political science as a field would gain from more active participation in the global political science community. Residents of these countries will now be able to benefit from a free IPSA membership. Giving free membership to those academics will allow them to join our activities and take part in the global community of political science, therefore responding to IPSA’s mission to develop political science in the most underdeveloped parts of the world.

To see the countries composing each group, please consult https://www.ipsa.org/membership/individual/groups or the membership page at https://www.ipsa.org/membership/individual

Note that to qualify for Group B, C or D, users will be asked to submit a proof of residency (university affiliation, driver’s license, utility bill, etc.).

No More Age Limit for Student Membership

Many of our members have voiced their concerns over the age limit historically set by IPSA to identify as a student. We understand that circumstances may bring people of all ages to return to university for graduate and post-graduate studies. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that we have eliminated the age limit (currently set at 35 years old) for student membership. From now on, students of all ages will be able to join IPSA at discounted rates by simply submitting a proof of status to qualify (copy of the student card or official university letter from the registrar).


In conclusion, we strongly believe that this new membership fee structure presented today is an important answer to the special mandate of IPSA to support and promote the development of political science in all parts of the world, as it aims to create an inclusive and truly global political science community in which all can participate. Giving easier access to our membership will promote collaboration between scholars in emerging and established democracies and support the academic freedoms needed for the social sciences to flourish. All-in-all, these will strengthen the networks that underpin a global political science community, as we believe that such linkages put political science in a stronger position to contribute to the quality of public deliberation and decision-making, as well as to the understanding of an increasingly interconnected political world.

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding the new individual membership fee structure, please write us at membership@ipsa.org