Politikon, Vol. 41, June 2019

Politikon, Vol. 41, June 2019


Publication date: Jun 2019

ISNN: 2414-6633

International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS)

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Editorial Note

Original Articles

Jordan Peterson and the (F)law of ‘Scientific Inquiry': A Critical Evaluation of Peterson’s Use of Science and Philosophy in His Conquest Against Social Justice by David Guignion

People or Preservation? How Electoral Accountability Reduces Human Cost in South Africa’s National Parks by AJ Golio

Rescuing Rationality from the Rationalists For a Neo-Weberian Understanding of Rationality in Critical Terrorism Studies by Bernardino Leon-Reyes

Research Note

Downward Mobility When Social Lifts Change Direction by Maxim Chupilkin

Book Review

Homo Deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval N. Harari by Marzio Di Feo