Annual Conference of the Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association (APPSA)

Annual Conference of the Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association (APPSA)

Fri, 30 Sep 2022 - Sun, 02 Oct 2022


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Organized by: The Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association (APPSA)


The Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association (APPSA) invites proposals for its annual conference to be hosted by Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 30-October 2, 2022.

This year’s conference theme focuses on multiple, and multi-faceted, emergencies, as well as the challenging and contested politics that arise in response to, and are constitutive of, various states of emergency, past, present, and future.  From declaring a climate emergency, to resolving to redress historical and ongoing genocidal practices, and a plethora of intersecting injustices; from reacting to housing and care crises, and rising food prices, to grappling with tax inequities and wealth flight; from answering the demands of youth-driven movements to acting on calls for more civic engagement and meaningful participatory democracy – governments around the world are facing complex, competing priorities.  We also live in times that call on social scientists to imagine the politics in a “post” era:  be it post-Brexit, post-COVID, post-Trump, or post-Putin, to name a few.  These emergent trends highlight competition between progressive and reactionary forces that are being replicated at the local, regional, national, and international levels.  And, of course, current emergencies are highly interconnected and interdependent with lasting impacts, as evidenced by the Russian war on Ukraine.  It has:  displaced approximately 10 million people; increased political instability near and far; called into question energy futures; heightened food insecurity, especially in the countries of the Global South that receive wheat, corn and sunflower oil supplies from Ukraine and Russia; brought concerns around poverty, communal violence, gendered violence, racialization, and the violation of human rights into sharp relief; served to suspend “normal” politics and social life; and redirected much needed attention and resources away from such issues as sustainable development and climate change prevention and adaptation. These are but a few of the urgent and highly significant issues that can be examined and explored under the theme of Emergent-cies: Politics Today and Tomorrow.

We invite scholars, practitioners, activists, and students to submit paper, workshop, and panel proposals that explore this broadly described emergent politics of today and tomorrow theoretically, analytically, and empirically. Please submit your paper title and a short abstract (maximum 300 words) to  Panel proposals are welcome. When submitting a panel or workshop proposal, include a short description (maximum 300 words).

Following APPSA precedent, there are no conference fees for graduate students (both MAs and PhDs). MA students interested in participating in the conference should also include a brief letter of approval from their Supervisor. All conference-related inquires can be sent to

The deadline for proposals is July 5, 2022.

APPSA 2022 will primarily be an in-person conference. Should you wish to participate in the conference remotely, indicate your preference when submitting your abstract. We anticipate offering a degree of flexibility to those who are not able to participate in person due to health and caregiving reasons.