Policy Analysis in Argentina

Policy Analysis in Argentina

Edited by : Nelson D. Cardozo,
and Pablo Bulcourf

Release date: Jul 2023

Bristol University Press

Nombre de pages: 370

ISBN: 978-1447364900

More About this Book

The latest edition in the International Library of Policy Analysis series explores a comprehensive overview of policy analysis in Argentina. It explores theoretical frameworks, views of the State, the development of the field, and current paradigms before examining knowledge produced at different levels (federal, provincial, and local); the application of the discipline by 'Internal Policy Advisory Councils, Consultants, and Committees'; the role of think tanks, NGOs, and political parties; and the developments provided by university teaching and research.

Analyzing the conceptual frameworks and methodologies used from a meta-theoretical perspective, it provides a panoramic picture of the perspectives and challenges of policy analysis in Argentina.