IPSR - Volume 45, Number 2, March 2024

Special Issue: War in Ukraine

Introduction: War in Ukraine 
Theresa Reidy, Daniel Stockemer and Annika Hinze

The revenge of ‘democratic peace’ 
Bann Seng Tan

Why Russia invaded Ukraine and how wars benefit autocrats: The domestic sources of the Russo-Ukrainian War
Vicente Ferraro

The penetration of Russian disinformation related to the war in Ukraine:Evidence from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Michał Wenzel, Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska, Veronika Macková and Kateřina Turková

From football stadium to revolution and war frontlines: Ukrainian ultras and the conversion of their capital
Olga Ruzhelnyk

Original Research Articles

States or social networks? Popular attitudes amid health crises in the Middle East and North Africa
Holger Albrecht and Markus Loewe

Imaginative policy surveys in divided societies: Feasibility, effect and perceived legitimacy
John Garry, James Pow, Clifford Stevenson and Peter Stone

Expanding anticipatory governance to legislatures: The emergence and global diffusion of legislature-based future institutions
Vesa Koskimaa and Tapio Raunio

Young voters, older candidates and policy preferences: Evidence from two experiments
Charles Lees and Rodrigo Praino