IPSR - Volume 41, Number 5, November 2020

Special Issue: The Politics of Creating New States

Guest Editors: Guy Lachapelle and Matt Qvortrup

Special Issue Introduction

The politics of creating new states: A conceptual introduction

Guy Lachapelle and Matt Qvortrup

Special Issue Articles

Taming self-determination: The trials of a political speech-act

Uriel Abulof

Breaking up is hard to do: The Neil Sedaka theory of independence referendums

Matt Qvortrup

Referendums as a political party gamble: A critical analysis of the Kurdish  referendum for independence

Dylan O’Driscoll and Bahar Baser

The creation of new states through interim agreements: Ambiguous  compromises, intra-communal divisions, and contested identities

Nina Caspersen

Building the ship in dry dock: The case for pre-independence constitution-building in Scotland

W. Elliot Bulmer


On the volatility of transnational actor populations: What has access got to do with it?

Andreas Nordang Uhre

Economic development: How does it influence the survival of different  types of autocracy?

Daniel Stockemer and Steffen Kailitz