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IPSA Members Enjoy Numerous Benefits


Academic services

  • Join a community numbering thousands of political scientists worldwide by collaborating and/or working with one of 49 IPSA Research Committees.
  • Obtain a special IPSA certificate of course attendance upon completion of an IPSAMOOC (Massive Open Online Course).


  • Participate in exclusive IPSA events around the world.
  • Reduced fee at joint events.
  • Opportunities to compete for IPSA awards and travel grants for the World Congress of Political Science.

Web and other services

  • Post your CV or resumé on a personalized profile page available to members in the Members Directory and to media in the Specialist Registry.
  • Access the online Members Directory, ideal for contacting colleagues around the world and a major source of invitations to professional opportunities.
  • Promote your books and events, and post a call for papers, job openings, awards and much more on the IPSA website and in its e-newsletter.
  • Access the IPSA online paper room.
  • Online resources offered exclusively to members.
  • Discount to IPSA members on subscriptions to Journal of Power.
  • 25% discount on all SAGE Publications titles.
  • 20% discount on all Oxford University Press titles in the areas of politics and international relations.


Membership fees


Individual Membership
2 years: US $ 170
Life: US $ 1,300

Student (under 35 years old)*
1 year: US $ 50
2 years: US $ 80

Senior (65 and over)*
2 years: US $ 120


Available to citizens of selected countries

Individual Membership
2 years: US $ 80
Life: US $ 1,300

Student (under 35 years old)*
1 year: US $ 5
2 years: US $ 10

Senior (65 and over)*
2 years: US $ 30


Optional Additional Subscriptions

International Political Science Abstracts (printed version)
1 year: US $ 102
2 years: US $ 204

International Political Science Review (printed version)
1 year: US $ 10
2 years: US $ 20

World Political Science Review (printed version)
1 year: US $ 27
2 years: US $ 54


*Student and Senior Membership

Includes the aforementioned features (individual membership) at a reduce price (see below). Students need to provide a proof of age (35 years old and under) and a copy of their student card to their application. Seniors need to provide a proof of age (65 and over).


Online Membership form

Please note that membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year, and that requests received from October 1st will be applied to the coming year.

Online Membership Form

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