IPSAMOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

IPSAMOOC is the pilot set of Political Science MOOCs, the new format of online higher education, developed by IPSA, in joint venture with Federica.EU, the Weblearning platform of the University of Naples, Federico II.

Authored by some of the outstanding academics in the IPSA community, IPSAMOOCs are a unique contribution to political scientists worldwide as well as to students of politics at large, providing open access to a highly qualified PS core curriculum. With an innovative interface, IPSAMOOC offers interactive classes to students, with no geographical constraints.

This first set of IPSAMOOCs covers the basic introductory areas to the study of political science, ranging from Research Designs and Methods to Comparative Political Systems, from World Politics to Political Concepts and History of Political Theory. Each course follows a common format to enhance user experience across different PS subdisciplinary areas. The IPSAMOOC program finds its hub in IPSAPortal, the official publication dedicated to the retrieval and evaluation of web sources for Political Science.

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