RC23 – Elections, Citizens and Parties (IPSA-ECP)


Prof Jorge Lanzaro, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay

Instituto de Ciencia Politica
Universidad de la Republica Uruguay
Constituyente 1502
Montevideo - 11200



Dr Malgorzata Kaczorowska, University of Warsaw, Poland, m.kaczorowska@uw.edu.pl

Prof Duncan McDonnell, Griffith University, Australia, d.mcdonnell@griffith.edu.au

Prof Elin Naurin, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, elin.naurin@pol.gu.se

Dr Beth Ginsberg, University of Connecticut, USA, beth.ginsberg@uconn.edu

Dr Holly-Ann Garnett, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada, Holly-Ann.Garnett@rmc-cmr.ca

A/Prof Elin Bjarnegård, Uppsala University, Sweden, Elin.Bjarnegard@statsvet.uu.se

Prof Marian Sawer, Australian National University, Australia, marian.sawer@anu.edu.au

Prof StaffanLindberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, staffan.i.lindberg@pol.gu.se

Prof Johanna Kirstin Birnir, University of Maryland, USA, jkbirnir@umd.edu



Recognized as a research committee in 2011.



IPSA-ECP focuses on the analysis of elections, citizen activism, and political parties, within and across nation-states, using multiple methods.  Elections include the role of electoral systems and electoral management, electoral reform, political representation, gender quotas, and the regulation of campaign and party funding. Parties are the key actors on the ‘supply-side’ of electoral competition, structuring voting choices, selecting candidates, offering policy platforms, campaigning, and organizing the allocation of legislative and executive offices. Lastly citizen activism includes research on political participation and voting behavior, the ‘demand-side’ of electoral competition determining party performance.