Politology of Religion as Framework for Analyse Relationship Among Religion and Politics

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Politology of religion as a framework for the Analysis the religion & politics relationships

Politics influence religion, and vice versa. However, Political science has ignored this fact. One of the best examples of this is the fact that Research committee 43 on ‘Religion and Politics’ within IPSA has been founded in 1999. On the other hand, the Research committee 22 on ‘Sociology of religion’ within ISA has been founded 50 years earlier. Therefore, Political science has to answer to this challenge. As a result of work of many political scientists a new discipline has emerged – Politiology of religion. It has been introduced in the curriculum of Political science department at University of Belgrade in the school year 1993/1994. So far, 26 generations of students have studied this discipline. Since then, this new discipline has spread on other political science departments, like Warwick University in the UK.
The goal of this panel is to show how political science started to deal with religion and politics. We aim to gather scholars from all over the world in order to show us how the research on religion and politics started at their universities. It is very important fact as it influences the whole education of a political scientists, making them able and competent to analyze religion as a social and political issue.

Keywords: politology of religion, politics, religion, education, research


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