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ISSN 2194-6248, e-ISSN 1935-6226

World Political Science (WPS) is a journal co-owned by the International Political Science Association and published by De Gruyter. It publishes translations of prize-winning articles nominated by prominent national political science associations and journals around the world. Scholars in a field as international as political science need to know about important political research produced outside the English-speaking world. WPS gathers together and translates an ever-increasing number of countries' best political science articles, bridging the language barriers that have made this cutting-edge research inaccessible up to now.

Articles in the World Political Science cover a wide range of subjects of interest to readers concerned with the systematic analysis of political issues facing national, sub-national and international governments and societies. Fields include Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Sociology, Political Theory, Political Economy, and Public Administration and Policy. Anyone interested in the central issues of the day, whether they are students, policy makers, or other citizens, will benefit from greater familiarity with debates about the nature and solutions to social, economic and political problems carried on in non-English language forums.

World Political Science is published by De Gruyter. For more information regarding the content of past issues, please visit their website.


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