Serge Hurtig (France), Editor Emeritus, International Political Science Abstracts

Serge HurtigSerge Hurtig, born in 1927 in Bucharest, has lived in France since 1939 (naturalized in 1952), except for four years (1942 to 1946) in Buenos Aires and two years (1946 to 1948) in Washington, D.C., as a student at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. He graduated in 1950 from the Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques, and was before his retirement in 1995 a member of the Graduate Department of Political Science of the Institut, as well as Secretary General (1971-1991) and then Scientific Director (1991-1995) of the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques – the two institutions known jointly as “Sciences Po”. He also held teaching positions at the Bologna Center of Johns Hopkins University and the Grenoble and Bordeaux Instituts d’Etudes Politiques, as well as the Geneva University Institute of International Relations.

His connection with IPSA dates back to 1952, when he attended the Hague Congress as assistant to Jean Meynaud, then Secretary General. He was IPSA’s Secretary General from 1960 to 1967, and organized IPSA’s World Congresses of 1961 (Paris), 1964 (Geneva), 1967 (Brussels) as well as 1985 (Paris), as Secretary of the Organizing Committee. He was Vice President of the Executive Committee from 1979 to 1985. Appointed in 1963 editor of the International Political Science Abstracts, which had been founded in 1951, by Jean Meyriat, he was joined in that position by Paul Godt in 2000. Paul Godt became editor in 2003, with Serge Hurtig continuing as co-editor.

Serge Hurtig had been, with Jean Blondel and Stan Rokkan, one of the founders of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), and also one of the founding members of the French-American Foundation (France). He is also the recipient of many distinctions, including the Knight of the Légion d’Honneur and the Officer of the National Order of Merit.

His publications include: ed., Alain Savary: Politique et Honneur, Paris, 2002, and many contributions on politics in the US, France and Europe, in academic journals, encyclopedias and edited books, e.g. “Teflon II, Président des Etats-Unis ? Bill Clinton et l’opinion publique américaine”, in B. Badie and P. Perrineau, eds., Le Citoyen, Mélanges offerts à Alain Lancelot, Paris, 2000 ; “Developments in the world of political science journals”, in E. Bort and R. Keat, eds., The Boundaries of Understanding : Essays in Honor of Malcolm Anderson, Edinburgh, 1999; and “Political science, international institutionalization” in International Encyclopedia of Political Science, Sage, London, 2011.