Video about the IPSA-USP Summer School Experience on the Occasion of its 10th Anniversary

The 10th Annual IPSA-USP Summer School in Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations took place at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, from January 14 to February 1, 2019. Several events were organized to celebrate the School’s 10th Anniversary, including keynote speeches, panels and poster and award sessions.

The Summer School team prepared a video as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration. Watch the video to learn about the success story of the IPSA-USP Summer School and its accomplishments.

The 11th Annual IPSA-USP Summer School will be on January 6-31, 2020. The application deadline is November 2, 2019. For further details on the upcoming courses and instructors, financial aid, registration fees, and more, visit the website