RC39 Launched its New Website!

The Research Committee on Welfare States and Developing Societies (RC39) is proud to launch its new website!

RC 39 was first recognized as a study group in 1992 and was granted the status of the Research Committee in 1999 under the Chairmanship of Prof. M. M. Sankhdher of the University of Delhi. It deals with the issues related to welfare states and developing societies within the broader discipline of Political Science with the objective of promoting research, scholarly interactions and debates on specific welfare states, both that have done well as well as those that have been challenged by internal and external developments in the wake of a more interconnected world due to globalization and technological innovations. RC 39 aims at developing a paradigm that could be applied to less resourceful countries of the Global South that need welfare provisions at a rapid speed on massive scale. Comparative studies on welfare systems can help these countries ‘learn’ and ‘unlearn’ from the experiences of the developed world.

For information on RC39 activities and members, visit http://rc39.ipsa.org/