The IPSA-USP Summer School in São Paulo is Receiving Applications for the 2020 Sesssion

The 11th Annual IPSA-USP Summer School in Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations will be held at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, from January 6 to 31, 2020. The Summer School is organized as an intensive four-week program. The first week will consist of a core foundational block to ensure participants gain fundamental skills that are essential to methodological training.  The next three sessions will consist of one-week courses organized along methodological tracks. The core foundational block will take place from January 6-10, 2020.

Week 1 of the methodological track will take place January 13-17, 2020. Week 2 will take place January 20-24, 2020, and Week 3 – January 27-31, 2020. Each one-week session will consist of a rigorous 35 hours of training. For most courses, morning sessions will consist of lectures and afternoons will focus on lab applications.  The Summer School will also offer late-afternoon seminars, information sessions and a poster session.

Core Foundational Blocks (January 6-10, 2020)
Mathematics for Social Scientists (Glauco Peres da Silva, Jonathan Phillips and Lorena Barberia, University of São Paulo)

Core Methodological Tracks

  •     Track on Comparative Research with Interviews and Ethnography

Week 1. Designing Comparative Research (Allyson Benton, CIDE)
Week 2. Interviewing and Multi-Methods Research (Melanie Cammett, Harvard University)
Week 3. Ethnographic Fieldwork in Political Science (Edward Schatz, University of Toronto)

  •     Track on Comparative Historical Analyses

Week 1.  Comparative Historical Analysis (Matthew Lange, McGill University)
Week 2. Process-Tracing (Derek Beach, Aarhus University)
Week 3.  Using Process-Tracing (Derek Beach, Aarhus University)

  •     Track on Modeling and Analyzing Public Opinion

Week 1.  Survey Design (Bruno Cautrès, Sciences Po)
Week 2.  Survey Analysis (Bruno Cautrès, Sciences Po)
Week 3. Comparative Survey Analyses (Laron Williams, University of Missouri)

  •     From Regression to Multi-Method Research Track

Week 1.  Essentials of Regression Analysis (Glauco Peres da Silva, University of São Paulo)
Week 2. Multi-Method Research: Regression and Case Studies (Jason Seawright, Northwestern University)
Week 3. Multi-Method Research: Extensions (Jason Seawright, Northwestern University)

  •     Track on Time Series Cross-Sectional Data Analysis

Week 1. Essentials of Time Series Analysis for Time Series Cross-Section Analyses (Lorena Barberia, University of São Paulo and Guy Whitten, Texas A&M University)
Week 2. Fundamentals of Time Series Cross-Section Analyses (Lorena Barberia, University of São Paulo and Guy Whitten Texas A&M University)
Week 3. Advanced Time Series Cross-Section Analyses (Lorena Barberia, University of São Paulo and Andrew Q, Philips, University of Colorado)

  •     Track on Causal Inference and Experiments

Week 1. Causal Inference and Field Experiments (Florian Foos, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Week 2. Survey Experiments (Mark Pickup, Simon Fraser University)
Week 3. Making Causal Critiques (Jonathan Phillips, University of São Paulo)

  •     Methods in Normative Political Theory and Political Philosophy

Week 1.  Methods and Problems in Political Philosophy (Herlinde Pauer-Struder, University of Vienna)

Applications must be received by October 1, 2019.

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Local Organization Committee
Lorena Barberia, Department of Political Science, University of São Paulo (Chair)
Jonathan Phillips, Department of Political Science, University of São Paulo
Glauco Peres da Silva, Department of Political Science, University of São Paulo

Key Dates:

  •     Applications are due by October, 2019.
  •     Notifications of acceptances will be sent by the end of October, 2019.
  •     Applicants must pay the registration fee by November, 2019.