Armenian and Foreign Scholars had Speeches during Special Course "Rethinking China's Foreign Policy"

A special course titled "Rethinking China's Foreign Policy", took place between December 15 and 20, 2017 in Yerevan, Armenia. The course was organized by the “China-Eurasia” Council Political and Strategic Research” foundation, with the support of the Armenian National Defense Research University.

Foreign prominent specialists in the field of Chinese studies, Dai Yulong (PhD candidate, Nanjing University), Raisa Epikhina (PhD Candidate, Moscow State University), Dr. Matthew Crosston (Professor, vice chairman of, USA), Dr. Tughrul Keskin (Professor, Shanghai University) delivered lectures during the Special Course.

From the Armenian side, Dr. Benjamin Poghosyan (Deputy Head of the National Defense Research University), Nairi Hokhikyan (Journalist, Head of, Karen Veranyan (Head of the “Noravank” Foundation’s Political Research Center), Anahit Parzyan (Expert, “Digital Armenia” foundation, PhD candidate, Nanjing Univeresity), Dr. Vardan Atoyan (ASUE, Vice President, “Amberd” Research Center), Dr. Mher Sahakyan (Head of the “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research” Foundation, Research fellow, NDRU, MoD, IPSA member) presented their researches.

23 individuals, from different Armenian Universities and Research Centers were invited to attend in training and classes. The speakers presented to attendees the prospects of the Armenian involvement in China’s "One Belt, One Road" Initiative, China's territorial disputes with neighbours, “China-Persian Gulf – Armenia-Black Sea-Europe” multimodal transport corridor, Chinese-American, Chinese-Turkish relations, China's experience on digitalization of its economy, etc.

Dr. Mher Sahakyan, the founder of the special course "Rethinking China Foreign Policy" and head of the Organizing Committee stated: “The main aims of organizing this initiative were to transfer the knowledge about China to the younger generation, connect them with Armenian and foreign senior researchers. Special thanks go to my colleagues who voluntarily shared their experience and knowledge with young professionals. I hope that in the near future young specialists will use the knowledge and connections to develop and strengthen Sino-Armenian relations."

In turn, Dr. Benyamin Poghosyan (Deputy Head of the NDRU, MoD) mentioned: "China is growing its role in the South Caucasus. Considering the balanced foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia, official Yerevan is interested in strengthening its cooperation with Beijing. The organization of the special course “Rethinking China’s Foreign policy” is of significant importance for expanding knowledge about China."