Winning the Presidency 2016

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William J. Crotty
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The presidential election of 2016 was unlike any in modern American history. Donald Trump, a successful businessman, well known reality television host and a political novice with no clear policy views or political attachments, ran for the presidency. His opponent was Hillary Clinton, a candidate with a long and impressive career in politics. She was the first woman nominee of a major political party and, should she have won, the first woman president of the United States. No one gave Trump much of a chance. Yet he won the election. How did he do it? What explains his political success? What can we expect from a Trump presidency? This book answers these questions. It presents a clear and definitive overview of his campaign, it controversies and setbacks and its successes. Winning the Presidency 2016 identifies who voted for Donald Trump and why. It explains why Hillary Clinton lost. Essential reading for understanding a campaign with no precedents and a presidential election that could have seismic consequences for the conduct of American government.

William J. Crotty is Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Chair in Public Life and Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University. He is a recipient of the Samuel J. Eldersveld Lifetime Achievement Award of the Political Organization and Parties Section of the American Political Science Association and the Hubert H. Humphrey Award of the Policy Studies Association. He has served as president of the Policy Studies Association, the Political Organizations and Parties Section of the American Political Science Association, and as president of the Midwest Political Science Association. Among other areas of interest, he has written on political ideology and its policy-relevant applications, democratic development, and he has conducted surveys of black communities and written on a changing black politics.