For Rulers: Priming Political Leaders for Saving Humanity from Itself

Yehezkel Dror
Westphalia Press
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This book goes where few authors dare, offering a big-picture view of the fateful choices facing the human species. The author confronts the evolutionary trap of science and technology ensnaring unprepared humankind by providing it with awesome future-shaping power, which contemporary values and institutions are unable to handle.

Recognizing that the tyrannical status quo will try to prevent essential transformations, Dror predicts new crises making what is still unthinkable clearly compelling – and that humankind will have to choose: learn rapidly to survive and thrive, or perish.

In particular, prevailing form of political leadership are totally obsolete, assuring catastrophes and endangering the very existence of humankind. Instead, the book argues urgently for a new type of political leader – “Homo Sapiens Governors” – willing and able to fulfill the Promethean mission to save humanity from itself.

This “Mirror for Rulers” in effect calls for a shift in political science. It should reconsider main theories in light of the quantum leap in the human condition, including reconsideration of the selection of political leaders, their missions and the qualities required from them.