Interest Representation in the European Union

Justin Greenwood
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‘A comprehensive and clearly written overview of lobbying in the EU, that is both critical and original. This book enriches the study of interest representation and is an essential tool for all researchers and students approaching the subject.’ – Carlo Ruzza, University of Trento, Italy

‘A state-of-the-art account of the interest groups represented in Brussels, the ways they seek to influence decision-making, and their significance for the EU’s institutional structure and legitimacy.  This simply is the reference book on interest intermediation in the EU.’ - Luis Bouza Garcia, College of Europe, Belgium

‘Greenwood has again provided an authoritative account of the evolving nature of interest representation in the EU. In this rapidly shifting and dynamic landscape, this volume provides an up-to-date and accessible overview from someone who knows this field from the ground up. A must have for the bookshelf of undergraduate and graduate students and researchers alike.’ – Darren Halpin, Australian National University, Australia

  • What role does interest representation play in the political system of the European Union?
  • What safeguards have EU institutions developed to prevent capture by special interests, and how effective are these?
  • How much do resources matter in lobbying, and to what extent do EU institutions use lobby groups to try to achieve their legislative goals?

The fully revised 4th edition of this highly acclaimed book provides an authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the role and significance of organised interests in the European Union. It examines the rules which govern the exchanges between interests and political institutions and the impact which these exchanges have upon public policy making, European integration and the democratic legitimacy of the EU. Accessibly written and thoroughly updated, the new edition brings together thorough analysis and broad ranging coverage of every segment of organised civil society in the EU.

Justin Greenwood is Professor of European Public Policy at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK, and a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe.