Coalition Politics and Federalism

Edited by
Adrián Albala
Josep Maria Reniu
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This book analyzes the verticalization of coalition cabinets from the national to the sub-national level. Presenting case studies for countries with federal systems of government, such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and India, as well as those focusing on states with hybrid systems of government, such as Italy, the contributors analyze multilevel government formation processes to identify vertical congruence between national and sub-national coalitions. The book also examines various factors affecting the degree of congruence of political coalitions, such as the degree of decentralization, federalization and institutionalization of political systems, as well as cleavage structure. This book will be a valuable resource for all scholars interested in coalition politics, as well as for politicians and practitioners in government and parliament.

About the Authors

Adrián Albala, Ph-D in Political Science (Sorbonne University,  Paris 3, France). Assistant professor at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Brasilia (Brazil). His research deals with coalition politics in Presidential Regimes, Latin American Party Systems and Political Representation.

Josep Maria Reniu Ph-D in Political Science (University of Barcelona, Spain). Associate Professor in Political Science and Head of Department of Government and Policy, University of Barcelona (Spain). Director of the Observatory of coalition governments in Spain (OGC). His research deals with coalition politics in Spain and Parliamentary Regimes.