Pre-Doc Fellowships and Faculty Affiliates at CESS Nuffield - FLAME University

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The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences is looking for motivated lab researchers who currently hold Junior Faculty or Post-Doc positions at leading global universities to become Faculty Affiliates of CESS Nuffield - FLAME University in India.

These co-appointments come with travel funding, research funding and RA support to conduct laboratory experiments in India with three different subject pools:

  • College students in Pune (English or Hindi speakers)
  • Low-income groups (Hindi & other Indian language speakers)
  • The CESS online subject pool (covers Chile, India, UK)

To apply, please send a current CV and a two-page summary of a lab experiment that you would like to conduct in Pune to We prefer to receive applications by 30 June, 2019.

Please make sure your summary covers the research question, subject demographics and number required, randomized groups/ treatment arms, and what the subjects would do in the experiment.

Affiliations to begin sometime between August and November 2019.